AI Specialist (Multiple Positions)


AiFi Technologies LLC is looking for AI Specialist (Multiple positions) with a passion for architecting solutions that accelerate machine learning and computing abilities intended for gaming to robotics and health care. You all will be a member of a specialized team of practitioners and researchers who are obsessed with the understanding of objectives and have the required skills to continuously build and improve next generation intelligent, scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions. The goal is to build a multitasking self-learning AI engine which can be quickly customizable for any AI based application. 

As an AI specialist the team will be focusing on incorporating intelligence into next generation of products and services through the layers of the AI stack: Frameworks and Infrastructure with tools like Apache MXNet and TensorFlow to quickly add intelligence to applications on Machine Learning platforms such as Apache Spark ML. 

General Responsibilities 

Work with AiFi AI team to understand development requirement and technical needs and further design AI solutions that make the best use of the platform and AI Services.

Understand and anticipate development objectives and their ability to innovate by building working prototypes.
Strong understanding and experience in the field of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and related technologies.
Drive the collective mindshare of the developer, data scientist, and technologist through forums such as AiFi blogs, whitepapers and reference architectures.
Develop and support internal community of AI related subject matter experts.
A talent for being able to influence and build mindshare convincingly with the team.
Experience in developing AI models for real-world environments and integrating AI/ML and other automation services into large-scale production application.

Roles (Multiple)

Please apply as per your experience in a field.

Act as a technical liaison between management and the service engineering teams and lead in evolving the development of AI engine (Two Positions)
2+ years design/implementation/consulting experience building ASIC and cloud solutions (Multiple Positions)
5+ years of experience in one or more of the following areas: machine learning, recommendation systems, pattern recognition, data mining or artificial intelligence using languages like Java, Python, Scala C/C++. Experience working with RESTful API and general service oriented architectures (Multiple Positions).
Data science background and experience manipulating/transforming data, model selection, model training, cross-validation and deployment at scale (Multiple Positions).
Experience with Machine and Deep Learning toolkits such as MXNet, TensorFlow, Caffe and Torch (Multiple Positions).
Experience with ASIC and cloud services related to AI/ML highly desirable, particularly Machine Learning, IoT, Neural Networks (Multiple Positions).

Preferred Education for all positions:

Master or Ph.D.  Degree in Software engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics


Work Location

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Salary Package

All inclusive Salary, based on qualifications and experience