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AI Software Development Process Analyst / Engineer

Abu Dhabi

Job Responsibilities:
  • Monitor and complexly analyze project information flow, exchange, and transformation with respect to outputs/inputs provided by the development team and individual team members.

  • Proactively search for communication/process bottlenecks among individuals across teams and departments.

  • Propose the best practices for efficient and smooth project communication and support their implementation.

  • Actively collaborate with line supervisors, project coordinators, QA department, share his/her process findings and propose suitable development process strategies customized with respect to company/project goals and limitations.

  • Highlight and assertively eliminate procedural circumstances that negatively affect development processes before these circumstances have a chance to appear.

  • Research on novel software development and project approaches.

  • In collaboration with other QA experts and supervisors enhance project team communication skills, diagrammatic thinking, and reporting efficiency.

  • Assist development teams in the analysis of an individual’s daily workload and planning activities.

  • Build an individual’s planning skills, time management and care about efficiency and usefulness of these activities.



  • Performs all essential aspects and functions of the software programmer’s daily job duties as well as any other specific job requirements if needed.

AiFi is searching for:

Mandatory requirements:

  • Minimum bachelors in Computer Science or related field

  • Education finished AFTER year 2013

  • Minimum 3 years of industry/business experience AFTER graduation

  • Minimum 1 year of industry/business experience with object-oriented programming

  • Minimum 2 years of experience as a team leader/supervisor/monitoring&control position or similar to position applied (e.g. product development analyst, R&D sustainability analyst, etc.)

  • Experience with Jira or similar tool

  • Strong English communication and presentation skills, assertive personality (NOT shy or introvert)

  • Is able to join us asap (maximum limit 1st April 2020)


Desired, not mandatory requirements:

  • Well-Recognized Agile Scrum Certification

  • Experience with AI-related projects

AiFi is not promising employer for:
  • Apathetic workers with a low concern or interest in personal professional growth and development of complex project skills (soft skills included).

  • Unhealthy non-perfectionists who see formal execution of tasks as the only performance principle of their job role.

  • Underdeveloped mindsets expecting and accepting only explicitly stated and “foolproof” orders due to omission of ordinary interest in the bigger picture or project success.

  • A passive personality that never takes extra initiative and more responsibility than the minimum.

  • Indifferent attitude neglecting opportunities for continuous project improvement and routinely ignores the existence of procedural bottlenecks.

  • “Spectators and passengers” who never ask, express ideas or independently propose enhancements.

  • “Toxic” team players who promote silent conflicts within the R&D team (e.g. habitually spread gossips), discourage inclusive collaboration or give confidence to malicious attitudes leading to low team engagement, morale or performance.

  • The person disliking Harry Potter, Avengers, Star Wars, aliens, weirdos, geeks and nerds and has no sense for humor. Otherwise, feel welcome.

Job Type: 

Full Time


Offer valid until 20th  Jan 2020

How to Apply:
  1. Kindly email your resume to

  2. In the body of the email please report (bullet point by bullet point) how your resume matches all minimum mandatory requirements for the position, such as provided level of education, year of graduation, length of experience, number of projects, etc. Otherwise, your application won’t be successfully processed.

  3. As a subject of an email includes the text: development_process_analyst_offer_closed 20th_jan_2020

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