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Algorithm Design Engineer

Abu Dhabi

AiFi Technologies LLC is looking for Algorithm Design Engineer with a passion for architecting algorithms that accelerate machine learning and computing abilities aimed at gaming to robotics, health care, and other real-world projects. You will be a member of a specialized team of practitioners and researchers who are obsessed with the understanding of objectives and have the required skills to continuously develop and improve next-generation intelligent, scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions. As an Algorithm Design Engineer, you will be responsible for developing AI/Deep Learning solutions to build a multitasking self-learning AI engine that can be quickly customizable for any AI-based application.

Job Responsibilities
  • Responsible for leading major algorithm development projects that include specifying and optimizing requirements, definition, execution, and evaluation of designs, analysis, development, testing, and control.

  • Capable of managing very broad or numerous projects with a high degree of difficulty and Exercises independent judgment, with input from the management team.

  • Technical leader for algorithm design, implementation, and verification in the design area.

  • Execute design enhancements to support current and new product /solution requirements for functionality and innovation.

  • Demonstrate continuous improvement of subsystem features and functions.

  • Proactively identify performance improvement opportunities.

  • Support resolution of product, application, or customer issues related to algorithm and functionality.

  • Assist in documenting requirements for interfaces and managed subsystem

  • Understand and anticipate development objectives and their ability to innovate by building working prototypes.

  • Drive the collective mindshare of the data scientist, developer, and technologist through forums such as AiFi blogs, whitepapers, and reference architectures.

  • Develop and support the internal community of AI-related subject matter experts.

  • A talent for being able to influence and build mindshare convincingly with the team.

  • Experience in developing AI models for real-world environments and supervising AI/ML and other automation services into large-scale production applications.

Desired Skills:
  • Master or Ph.D. Degree in Software engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics.

  • Track record of coming up with new ideas of developing Deep Learning algorithms and methodology (supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, GAN).

  • Strong programming skills( Python, C, and C++) to design and prototype algorithms.

  • Work experience in deep learning platforms such as Caffe or Tensorflow.

  • Experience in parallel computing languages (CUDA, OpenCL) in vector DSPs and GPUs.

  • 2+ years of experience in deep/machine learning.

Job Type: 

Full Time

How to Apply:


Kindly email your resume to

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